Saturday, 20 August 2011

Victim of vicious lie

I received a phone call when I was in Manila( for world food expo)  of a reporter wanting to interview me regarding my  experience battling with Lupus.

Because the  press claim to be from KOSMO! a newspaper I respect for the fact that they had been supporting me throughout my career.Name is  the editor or the entertainment editor,   are credible writers to me.

It is not the newspaper that is bad , it is only one writer  that  has been writing things that are not true about me.As much as i want to forget the article , it is degrading me as a professional chef and the title of the article did not even touch on SLE which is my fight, my cause to  create awareness and to tell  girls out there that there is life  beyond lupus.But what was written  are things like I was ditched by my boyfriend  which aren't true and  my desire to have a TV show, which are vicious lie  that is not what I had said and my mum does not know anything about cooking which is another terrible lie.

I started working   with Four Seasons at the pastry kitchen and later I  joined Mandarin oriental  before  pursuing  my studies after I have Lupus- that was not written.My achievement as the first of many firsts was not written but instead she had chosen to write about things that I don't even say

I am really , really upset by this intention to  ruin my reputation that I had built for years and it has caused me an emotional distress.

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Uchi kay-f @hmad said...

salam cik azura..

bce ttg anda di kosmo tadi..kagum sbb muda2 dah jadi chef...semoge sukses di masa akan datang ..ngee

salam ramadhan *-^