Saturday, 19 February 2011

Singapore, running from the mediocre dinner

Thursday, 17 February 2011

A short post, finally.

As  I grow older I have learnt certain art of loving myself, with such hectic schedule and endless hours in front of this computer, finally what I heard happened to other people is happening to me.I ain't got time!
It is silly for me to say I have no time when time management skill is  definitely my forte,, but this is the situation ! work and  work and further reading after work a month ago I was so tired I don't know what I was reading despite reading non stop.I got lost not knowing where and how to  remember things, it is like my processor is not working.

When a machine is not working forst thing  you would check is it's body parts, mine is ok although I fell on my knee during my tap dance routine 4 weeks ago, it is better now,my fuel? a.k.a food?


Low carbohydrate  intake and not eating  passionately...

It has been a while that I sit down and take a proper egg breakfast , eggs last longer  and I won't get hungry  so quick after eating them but I must say coffee satisfy me the most in the morning.This has got to change.

Eat your breakfast.

Run baby run!

Not that I am lazy , I am not so much of an outdoor person in the morning and in the evening when i should exercise most...KL is often poured with rain.
Can't run in the rain!

For now, I am going back to work.


I got up this morning just to find... some post had been missing , some pictures can't be posted !Argghhhh!
I rally  hate eating in the morning , I rather skip breakfast and watch  the world news while sitting on the couch, but lately we  hardly have  good news on the world news.I feel like it is a hard task to raise a kid in this world nowadays as we are all exposed with the elements of  video games and war.

Yesterday I went for dinner with my family as usual , there was a car  with the driver a   guy driving while beating a lady  next to him  , you can always solve your domestic issues at home but in front of your kid sitting at the back of your car, and the best bit is he reversed his car on an open road and almost hit my us walking to get our car and he almost knocked some uncle walking at behinds us.

 #reason to hate going to neighbourhood restaurant even when it is not my neighbourhood, I feel sorry for those who had invested  a lot buying, investing their  time and money ovver the area.
It is always best to refer to the local council of what will be built within your dream home befor you made that purchase.With cars driving fast to the market, hypermarket, bank or nasi kandar restaurant , it will be  noisy  and really, what kind of live you plan to give your children?

If I were a 4 year old kid, I would be bored  living in a flat like this but  am a grown woman in the hotel room... i got  paperworks to finish

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Shanghai noon, Tokyo moon.

Life is definitely busy, busy for me at the moment.I have tonnes of projects with Orved and we will be flying to  the cities as per mentioned on the title , despite all being in order and we are all excited  our team Orved are constantly running around  making sure everyone's food are safe!

I am looking forward to be flying again soon and perhaps come back and head for a quick holiday in early May.Time passed by really quickly  and little that I realized that my wound  is healed and I am like a  robot being given a new motor.

This was captured when I was in Shanghai's  Park Hyatt while waiting for my room to be ready and I am looking forward to Shanghai and seeing friends  in my industry again

New menus  are on the line up and new experiments are constantly being made.This is  meant to be I was meant to sous vide. :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Home concept's Valentine's exclusive, get a copy today!

As much as I had done few food styling jobs here and there which seems like a hobby to me, very rewarding hobby I must say.I am very pleased knowing that theya re fellow Malaysians who take artistic food job seriously and not just snap , snap.. thats it.That is injustice for chefs, who worked hard to prepare one dish.To be fair, this team is a wonderful team and I am looking forward to see them again even for just kopi tarik session, thank you so much for these nice pictures that resembles my feelings at the time and for editing my potrait- I am sure they were loads of work done to it !.

'Do you want love? or you want fame ? are you in the game?" thats the song that i listened to when I was doing these menus that you can do at home.

What is love to you? I don't know but this is what Love is to me depicted in 6 pages of Home concept magazine february edition(promo) :) I can honestly say...i love it!!!!! :)))

At Peace,feeling like the richest person on earth (even when you have 20 ringgit in your purse ) and purity and sweetness THAT is LOVE to me.
And love would never make you feel like you need to change.You could be fat,have big face, have big arms,Love would never make you feel like you are anything below fantastic.

Thank you Aziz Draim the editor , I did this wholeheartedly as usual and concluded my principles stand throughout the photoshoot that the purity of anyone's love should only be poured on a very special person and not just anyone just for the sake of having someone.For anyone who able to give so much love can never be poor and this special person is someone that is written with cloud on the infinite blue sky by the divine mightier power.

Love is a strong word, love of you and me are written in the sky.

cover of   Home concept February

Rose scented  pure vanilla panna cotta that could  fill your  life with love

some female Chef in  a black dress (she  didn't know how to pose really)

My pink floating bubble by  Chef Azura Othman

I live in this bubble
Come stay with me
It is pink , it is cozy
It will make you happy,

I am safe,Shielded
Just like in my lover's cuddle
Similarly this is the feeling
of being embraced in mum's hand cradle

I live in this bubble;
Wish you were here with me
Alone,  we can do  what's necessary,

I live in this bubble, my soul is free;
No evil whispers
Slut seduction;
To disturb, tear you and me;

I live in this bubble
But I set you free
If it's meant to be...
You will  come back for me.

copyrighted 2011