I rally  hate eating in the morning , I rather skip breakfast and watch  the world news while sitting on the couch, but lately we  hardly have  good news on the world news.I feel like it is a hard task to raise a kid in this world nowadays as we are all exposed with the elements of  video games and war.

Yesterday I went for dinner with my family as usual , there was a car  with the driver a   guy driving while beating a lady  next to him  , you can always solve your domestic issues at home but in front of your kid sitting at the back of your car, and the best bit is he reversed his car on an open road and almost hit my us walking to get our car and he almost knocked some uncle walking at behinds us.

 #reason to hate going to neighbourhood restaurant even when it is not my neighbourhood, I feel sorry for those who had invested  a lot buying, investing their  time and money ovver the area.
It is always best to refer to the local council of what will be built within your dream home befor you made that purchase.With cars driving fast to the market, hypermarket, bank or nasi kandar restaurant , it will be  noisy  and really, what kind of live you plan to give your children?

If I were a 4 year old kid, I would be bored  living in a flat like this but  am a grown woman in the hotel room... i got  paperworks to finish