Shanghai noon, Tokyo moon.

Life is definitely busy, busy for me at the moment.I have tonnes of projects with Orved and we will be flying to  the cities as per mentioned on the title , despite all being in order and we are all excited  our team Orved are constantly running around  making sure everyone's food are safe!

I am looking forward to be flying again soon and perhaps come back and head for a quick holiday in early May.Time passed by really quickly  and little that I realized that my wound  is healed and I am like a  robot being given a new motor.

This was captured when I was in Shanghai's  Park Hyatt while waiting for my room to be ready and I am looking forward to Shanghai and seeing friends  in my industry again

New menus  are on the line up and new experiments are constantly being made.This is  meant to be I was meant to sous vide. :)