A short post, finally.

As  I grow older I have learnt certain art of loving myself, with such hectic schedule and endless hours in front of this computer, finally what I heard happened to other people is happening to me.I ain't got time!
It is silly for me to say I have no time when time management skill is  definitely my forte,, but this is the situation ! work and  work and further reading after work a month ago I was so tired I don't know what I was reading despite reading non stop.I got lost not knowing where and how to  remember things, it is like my processor is not working.

When a machine is not working forst thing  you would check is it's body parts, mine is ok although I fell on my knee during my tap dance routine 4 weeks ago, it is better now,my fuel? a.k.a food?


Low carbohydrate  intake and not eating  passionately...

It has been a while that I sit down and take a proper egg breakfast , eggs last longer  and I won't get hungry  so quick after eating them but I must say coffee satisfy me the most in the morning.This has got to change.

Eat your breakfast.

Run baby run!

Not that I am lazy , I am not so much of an outdoor person in the morning and in the evening when i should exercise most...KL is often poured with rain.
Can't run in the rain!

For now, I am going back to work.