Monday, 25 January 2010

Manila hit me baby one more time

Mall of Asia the biggest mall on the night they took me out for dinnerBlue marlin at Havana

Fried kangkong-battered water colvucolus

                                                                                        The atendees
It's been 8 years since the last time I visited  Manila -Intramuros , Makati  and all it's glory.I know, I know! despite what people said about Manila ...about it's bad air quality which , the  traffic, the  pick up bars, the street kids and squatters to which  I agrees.But these  are forgotten when I met beautiful smiles  and friendliness of its's people. I was there carrying Orved's mission to  our local distibutor my host,  FABTECH in Manila.I am grateful to have found  work associates who cares for me and my well  being ,business or otherwise, I still think I met very good people in the Philippines the training session went great, my ex boss  whom I look up to Chef Adam  came with  all his moral support and  the guests who came  some  of them added me on facebook, thanks a lot :).

People at new World Makati which is a good hotel with good people  treated me like a princess ,  if you plan to visit Manila and decide to stay there , (though for those  hi tech travellers I would not suggest this hotel as it does not have free wi fi or Ipod console  BUT for great service staffs YES , I definitely gives them 5 out of 5 stars.)it is in front of the  greenbelt which is an upmarket   shopping , and dining  mall ,  you can find just anything there , I don't find  the prices are any cheaper  than my country's so I decided to give shopping a skip.
Eat wise- I enjoyed Blue Marlin at Havana in green belt , the charcoal grilled fish  combined with roasted  peppers and potatoes are just what I need after a long day.Prior to going to manila all of my friends   who used to work  there told me to go to this place and I am glad I did.felix the guy who served me was not only good looking but gave me  great travel advice and  food suggestions too.
other than that I spent few hours on my own on my final night in Manila therefore I explored greenbelt to the fullest- I truly recommend Spicy fingers for  music and it's neighbour Nuovo  for a  beautiful Mixologist called Janet, I got her picture here with me  and with Rick who is Nuovo's regular customer.

I only  got to spent the night not working as I am always  in a meeting or giving talks, nevertheless I made use of all my spare time and it was good.

Before I go this was what I ate-Butterfish which is Philippines national fish

Salamat!see you again real soon!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Forget you not

I am sorry that sometimes I  did not  visit my friends blogs, it's just that sometimes I am just working and working.I do think of you all the time.I am  flying again in few hours, wait for my return with my stories and pictures from  my next destination.I miss you BUT I will BE BACK like the 'governator' always says  visiting your blogs and leaving comments.
Hasta lavista...babies!

Friday, 8 January 2010


Wih Freda Liu -I am her big fan

I had a great time at BFM’s office and was interviewed by Malaysia’s renown Media personality known for her charisma, charm and intelligence Freda who is smaller than I saw on TV.

Thank you for having me at your station.

Loads of love –Azura

And this is my current favorite song, it’s not new song and who knows I might be performing this soon(in the shower).

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Turn the radio ON

Nothing to do with the article, but my first step into camera phone art- snapping spontaneous actions that resembles my feelings, interpretation of this one ?be my guest and guess?

Dear  all,
I will be online oopss.ON AIR  on BFM  89.9 at 10  in the morning Malaysia time tomorrow.
I will be stripped  with the questions  I never thought people would ask me.For  those abroad ,You can go the station’s website and click on the top left listen now and walla ! very easy.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Olympics here I come! gratitude to my beloved peeps

I honestly think, my  fitness level is getting better.After that cross training Friday and Saturday at the tower... damn my  body is aching BUT today  I did full blast of my new love Pilates.PILATES? I seldom did  Pilates apart from my body balance routine , Thanks to Yvonne my beloved friend who was kind enough to invite me to spend  Christmas (I had a blast thanks ) When I was at hers there was this gentleman who had an SLR  camera  with him so I  didn't take any pictures ! after that I saw Rick   and had alooong conversation and  this is a promise, meet up again after my January tour? at normal place

Nik , as usual  always put a smile  on my face,have fun in Cambodia tomorrow I  wanna come IF I could. :(
Tony my  beloved... Hollywood baby! I might  sent you my acting portfolio :) You had worked so much  for your  productions in Victoria and this proves that you are indeed a star!
On Thursday the last day of  2009  I was interviewed by Wanita- Malaysia's first Female magazine  ... the theme goes in sync I am always the first and  I am glad to be associated with  the firsts.  :P
This Friday, wait... I won't say it yet... let it be a surprise for my Thursday's post.

It is indeed a tiring life, tired? No way I am about to  sleep just because it's getting late  and I need to go for my run again! Goodnight ...despite having to report to work again on the  6th , I have decided tomorrow.. yay!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Exciting news!

On another note, stay tuned as I have something coming up and it is  really good...will keep you posted on this exciting things coming towards me :)

Confession of The blue sky

This entry is dedicated to  my beloved friends and precious people in my life , you know who you are
Across the continent and borders....Here's for you.

Certain people reminds me of everything that is pleasant like  the colour pink,chocolate pudding,fishing etc.
I wish  certain things would be different and as an adult I succumbed to the fact that there are things in life  that are beyond our control but enough whining and  sobbing for me..It's 2010! , 2009 was  a great year for me but life ain't got  any rewind button.To People I miss and wants to see so dearly,Love means we can never be apart.
You are the angel who sprinkled the dust of happiness  in my life.Thank You :)

                     An unexpected love.....
An unforgettable twist in my life.
                 I love you and I always will.

Let's live in each other's heart?  you bet!  :) I miss you Suzanne


Happy new year may 2010 be THE year for us all.
I will be very busy soon ,  therefore won't have so  much time to update I guess.
Enjoying my holiday ,Have a great weekend!