Saturday, 2 January 2010

Confession of The blue sky

This entry is dedicated to  my beloved friends and precious people in my life , you know who you are
Across the continent and borders....Here's for you.

Certain people reminds me of everything that is pleasant like  the colour pink,chocolate pudding,fishing etc.
I wish  certain things would be different and as an adult I succumbed to the fact that there are things in life  that are beyond our control but enough whining and  sobbing for me..It's 2010! , 2009 was  a great year for me but life ain't got  any rewind button.To People I miss and wants to see so dearly,Love means we can never be apart.
You are the angel who sprinkled the dust of happiness  in my life.Thank You :)

                     An unexpected love.....
An unforgettable twist in my life.
                 I love you and I always will.

Let's live in each other's heart?  you bet!  :) I miss you Suzanne

1 comment:

Jesse TheCat ! said...

you are one of the ANGELS in my life. 2010 can only get better...for you,for me..for us all.Heres to many more years of friendship..and many more laughs and smiles.Love you muchly :)
Hugz always !!