Olympics here I come! gratitude to my beloved peeps

I honestly think, my  fitness level is getting better.After that cross training Friday and Saturday at the tower... damn my  body is aching BUT today  I did full blast of my new love Pilates.PILATES? I seldom did  Pilates apart from my body balance routine , Thanks to Yvonne my beloved friend who was kind enough to invite me to spend  Christmas (I had a blast thanks ) When I was at hers there was this gentleman who had an SLR  camera  with him so I  didn't take any pictures ! after that I saw Rick   and had alooong conversation and  this is a promise, meet up again after my January tour? at normal place

Nik , as usual  always put a smile  on my face,have fun in Cambodia tomorrow I  wanna come IF I could. :(
Tony my  beloved... Hollywood baby! I might  sent you my acting portfolio :) You had worked so much  for your  productions in Victoria and this proves that you are indeed a star!
On Thursday the last day of  2009  I was interviewed by Wanita- Malaysia's first Female magazine  ... the theme goes in sync I am always the first and  I am glad to be associated with  the firsts.  :P
This Friday, wait... I won't say it yet... let it be a surprise for my Thursday's post.

It is indeed a tiring life, tired? No way I am about to  sleep just because it's getting late  and I need to go for my run again! Goodnight ...despite having to report to work again on the  6th , I have decided to..work tomorrow.. yay!


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