Wednesday, 28 November 2012

EAT! part 1

SERABAI may sound unglamorous, but this is my favorite and my mum made the best
at il borgho in Morciano .I love the owners ! eleanora, how are you? xx
Before the meatballs became the EPIC meatballs, myself and our old friend Alan Nunis was a regular since it's One utama days...can you imagine...
my mum's grilled chicken! YUM YUM!!! <3 td="td">
My former senior at work he was a CDP at The Regent and I was a commis...11 years later, he made the best lasagne at  PAD28 Jakarta.
at the bruno's with cristina's mama making us delicious veal and vegetables
I saw this and was... laughing as it reminded me of my kind  childhood.
I LOVE mussels and muscles :)
Tuna when i was in Torino with people i truly adore
Lunch at the bruno's
Dinner at nic and rob's who cooked delicious cous cous, rice and...everything
at PAD28 and riza al gibralno made me some mocktail to die for.
I had my own fair share of unpleasant things to eat too...
PIZZA by Andrea at Il borgho
i cooked this for my brother
after the  terrible traffic, we deserve a cuppa wonderful coffee...
my cheesecake
Had no choice, so pizza it was.

to be continued.....


Testing post of torchetti

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Terima Kasih

My recent birthday marks my 13 years of baking and cooking professionally , I would not have believed my initial holiday professional baking classes led me into cooking professionally .I have no regrets whatsoever and now I am happily married so far to my job at MEC3 as a product chef.

I am still on my "staycation" in my  family's country home thinking of chefs that have shaped and rocked my culinary mind/life 10 of them no ranking, they are equally important.

Real people, real inspiration
1.Chef Adam Mathis of Peninsula Tokyo-The man who literally trained me of wok section and brainwashed me of look , taste and texture.

2.Chef Leslie Stronach currently at Intercontinental Bangkok- I respect this man who hired me at Mandarin Oriental, just plain humility and treated us commis at the time as his own  kid.

3.Chef Mak Thong currently A  lecturer at Unitar-One of the best Malaysian chef , he is the man who hired me at Four Seasons and constantly reminded me at the time that discipline pays off, it means a lot to me who have never even cook in my mum's kitchen at the time.Experience at  my first professional kitchen appointment, in the pastry kitchen taught me a lot of life.

4.Chef Simone Cerea  currently at Four Season Budapest-He might not know this, but he is one of the reason why I love hot cooking.

                                                             5.Anthony Bourdain
I remember  the first time I read his book,"Kitchen Confidential"on the train to go back home and discussed the book with Chef Adam in the kitchen the next day,He said"Some people can write, some people can cook...but this guy does both very well" 10 years after's "true great minds  think alike" and it's true intelligent mind is the sexiest asset....just saying.

                                                                6.Grant Achatz
I know Grant Achatz's name since 2002 when he was made one of the best chefs in America.I saw him won numerous awards and won his cancer battle.I have nothing but respect an admiration for the man and once upon when I was ill, my American friend  Loren a.k.a Gourmet Dad got me a book  by Chef Achatz and it is signed by him.THANKS LOREN FOR THE KIND THOUGHT!


7.Ben Roche

One of the most creative guy ,I have so much admiration for his contribution in the culinary society, he literally re engineered how I think of  food.

chef Karl on the left with his brother Rudi
                                                            8.Chef Karl Obauer

I had a brief Michelin experience with him  but  up until today, this  guy is constantly learning and constantly checking if I am ok and  always  emerged in  my life when I am in the intersection of my cooking dream and my  reality.

                                                                      9.Chef Atul Kochhar
First I read about him leading azura dining now I am seeing benares, his restaurant getting  all this amazing  reviews .

10.Chef Chong Liew
We had an event and Chef Chong Liew was there to attend, he  was looking at me working without me noticing at first , when I looked back , he smiled and showed me a thumb up while giving this very sincere smile.
I will never forget that  confidence boost moment.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Firenze con La famiglia

 It was impromptu my friend  big brother, Maz took his daughters to Rome and we decided to meet in Florence as i had told him to help me get some noodles from London.We all had a great time...yes, we did!