Saturday, 30 June 2012

Viva la Bologna! ...Viva la Emilia Romagna!

you too can take  a picture  like this if you re alone!

Few hours of well spent time when I was in Bologna, before heading home...yes just around the earthquake time, thanks to my colleagues who gave me kind assurances that I will be ok, Thanks as usual to my colleague who is always kind to drop me off so I skip the train ride heavy liftings  and going up and down of the platforms with my very heavy suitcase.

Rarr, rarr....Singapura

I love my Singapore peeps, I even had the chance to meet some Bollwood stars when I was there and It happened that few friends were on their Singapore business stop as well.

Speak soon...gotta run


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Never too far away

                                                          Yes, I miss you...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dimanakah kau berada kini?

Hey darlings,

Thanks so much for wondering where I  am and writing to me or even googling of what happened to me.

I am definitely alright and had just arrived from Italy.I did not update my facebook page because few weeks ago it was used as a platform for a really strange  thai girl to have fight with her boyfriend whom both I don't know and I thought...I don't really need stupidity like that  for people to use my name  to boost themselves.

I  created the page when I was writing for Saji and  let me tell you that on a daily basis the traffic of friend request was too much!
Needless to say I love all of my supporters very much, to me you are the epitome of pure friendship, people who was always there for me throughout the ups and downs of my cooking career
I know I have more surprises for you coming these coming  months and year to come.

Friends forever ,


I was in Porto Gruaro , Venice weeks ago and I am truly in love with the small town.