Sunday, 24 April 2011

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What happened in Shanghai, stays in Jakarta.

View from my room at Marriot Courtyard, great hospitality with smiling staffs and attentive GM

Last week I was in Shanghai a place I  thought I would just touch and go for work.Instead I met loads of beautiful people I now call friends and I am glad I made it there despite my health  issue last week.I am  now back on track healthwise.I arrived home 3 days ago and now at the airport's business lounge again heading towards my favourite city.Life is definitely busy and Orved's Soous vide cult is definitely infecting all the Asian Cities  and I am glad to be part of this movement that is beyond corporation's fad but genuine bunch of people who are passionate about gastronomy .To my bosses, have a safe trip back home tonight.

at an italian restaurant called Dolce Vita,in Shanghai, highly recommended.
KLM use Plaza lounge  for their business and first class passengers, I am not a big fan of Plaza lounge Malaysia, but it's OK

By the time you read this I am already in the sky heading towards the land of soto and gado -gado.I am looking forward for Jakarta's smile and business, surprisingly my friend Tommy will make his cameo at Hard Rock cafe while I am there, let me see if I could grab a burger at dinner while watching him play.Chef saxophonist.I am at this lounge, well not the best business class lounge , but still at bleast I could sit on a comfy couch and get a broadband while having an intellectual discourse with  newly made friends.

I saw Boy an old  acquaintance just now as in Boy from Projek pistol, he helped me with my big luggage coming out of the train.I met boy like 7 years ago during his BIG band days and it is always nice to see him again with his humility and kindness , this guy is a genuine genius I should have taken a picture but I guess it would be rude to capture my favorite rockstar helping me pulling my luggage at the airport, Boy if you are reading this...thanks so much for helping me you are still the same person I know back then and I am pleased that  things turned out well for you ,wife and baby  :) update us on your latest project  so we can go and watch your show.

This is what I have always dreamed of , my life is at peace now and I am grateful to have my family  and  a bunch of cool friends surrounding me.

See you next week darling <3