Monday, 28 September 2009

New Chapter

I am the happiest girl in the world!

Last week was filled with loads of fun , if only I could repeat that like a video I would!

I miss you already x.

Before I depart to another city...don't forget to get a copy of Malaysia's Harper's Bazaar for my cooking tips for boys who wants to impress their girls and also SAJI for my article


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Confession of a serial beach bum a.k.a're awesome!

I wish that I could write more often here, but with my job, my column , holidays, friends and all other things to do I often forgot.Last week, I had the urge to write ,but I couldn't load up any photos.FRUSTRATING :(

This is my holiday now , I need some break off work and just relax.With the presence of special people in the City (Thanks you so much for coming to see me!)...I have to admit that I am at my happiest and most creative, hundreds of visuals of food is playing in my head currently.

Also , I have to say Thank you so much for my birthday presents(jewelleries, meals , books, and cards) that is still coming despite it was a month ago.Also
Thank you for all the Eid wishes, though you guys woke me me up at odd time like at 3 am when I was snoring! honestly... your messages makes me sleep with a smile on my face.Especially those abroad, I don't mean to make you feel jealous but my mum made the best Nasi tomato, chicken pedas and acar.All that I am going to do today and tomorrow is relaxing and eating until I head for my big holiday.

Night out
Flea market place where Mariana sells her pretty costume jewelleries.

Food stylists at work but I think we were actually fighting for food while the rest just watched.


Dev is such a good looking gentleman and He gave my gorgeous friend, Mariana and Myself a good backrub and danced to Disney's songs (He models for Salam Chef Azura -November)

I love roses, they are my favorite and I almost cry when I got this..The best flower ever xxx

I am spoiled! another birthday prezzie for me

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Photos, where are thou

I have been trying to ass my new entry , but for the 500th times I could not add photos :( This is making me sad upset.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Can't wait

What shall it be next for me?
A year of bliss and now it is getting better.
I can't wait...