Busy body

I knoWW!!!!My busy O meter has reach the max now, when I am done with the classes and work I am literally exhausted and worn.I am definitely in need of a holiday maybe Langkawi ? maybe Penang,? or maybe Bali or Phuket? what do you think?
I am all excited for next weekend as it will be my masala madness weekend , we gonna make Indian favourites including my younger brother's favourite-palak Paneer , so We will be making some paneer- cheese.I love projects like all this cheese making !

Remember my entry a long time a go about a construction near my place?Recently there was an accident there with all the ambulances and police cars I read in the news it said 2 died in the landslide, I wrote about this before and lately , when I walk down there I even start to smell like urine in contrary with smell of rainforest before in the air as I guess they release the workers quarters sewer waste into the drain.I know someone from the council said that all the land in Kuala lumpur should be developed so there will not be any waste of land.I am definitely not against development and I swear I wont be stripping down and go hug a big tree.Common sense talk , there is a water reservoir up int he hill and there are residence there too, lets just not repeat Bukit Antarabangsa's incident again.But hey who am I to say anything I am just a small ant who would criticize because she belive in a better kuala Lumpur and these developers are super gigantic corporation.
Complaints aside, I hope you guys have a great weekend because I know mine is already especially when I got movie,Brad Pitt and popcorn spread in front of me
(I am about to go watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button later )



Lorenzo said…
The Curious Cse of Benjamin Button - I want to watch that too! Was the movie good? would you recommend it?
Bali sounds good, so does Phuket! Any beach holiday is always good!! Just pick one :) :) :)

I had a good time watching Keanu Reeves and the flop (every said) about The Day Earth Stood Still.. it wasn't so bad! I've seen worse!

And he's gorgeous. Ooooohhh-lala.
Anonymous said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....
I've an award for you, Az.

It's dated on 5th March just in case you missed it on my blog ;)