Monday, 14 July 2008

Too close for comfort

No matter how I try to edit this picture still turn out to be like this , so sorry for the neck twist.My recent snapshot

I remember when I was suppose to go see Lisa at the nearby restaurant few weeks ago and my car could not start, when she asked me if it is too far to walk, I felt like ... "I wish you could see the state of the road now".I think it is not the distance , I remember me and some friend would walk to the shop before this construction starts.But nowadays it is too dark to walk and the road had become too narrow .The noise pollution in the daytime... just forget it , I don't even want to talk about that. I even wrote about this construction way back then .I think it is too close to the palace and the reservoir.. so this news today highlighted on the same thing.I am glad for this article and would like to thank the MP, Thanks for highlighting this matter, not for me , but for us all .After reading this I am more concern of the impact of irresponsible development(not particularly on this case, but in general)

credit to The Malay Mail

Condo on steep slope poser
By Gabey Goh

This is yet another example of the development that is depriving this residential area in Kuala Lumpur of its greenery.
Said Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun yesterday: “If you look up the top
of the hill, there is a reservior there, situated too close for comfort.
What happens if there are erosion problems?”

THE most glaring aspect of the second development to spring up in Jalan Ceylon, apart from its nearness to a church and the cutting down of trees, is the steep gradient of the slope at the site.
“No one has really noticed the rampant development in the area because it is tucked away from the main road. With this development, it is a shame because a lot of these trees were very old and should have been preserved.

“If you look up to the top of the hill, there is a reservoir there, situated too close to the development for comfort. What happens if there are erosion problems?” asked Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun who was in Jalan Ceylon to highlight the situation. The joint venture project between MMC Corporation Bhd and United Malayan Land Bhd sits right next to St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and is slated to hold a 17-storey residential block. However, the signboard at the site does not divulge any details.

Current laws limit developments to slopes with no more than 30 per cent gradient, a fact highlighted by the residents of Medan Damansara in their fight to halt the proposed Damansara 21 project, a housing development of 21 mansions.

“I will bring this up in Parliament.

Why did City Hall approve so many such projects, let alone one that sits on a slope of more that 45 degrees gradient? Let’s not have another Highland Towers tragedy,” said Fong, who fondly recalled walks to his office in Jalan Ceylon during the 1970s, sheltered by lush greenery that’s now gone. As previously highlighted by the Malay Mail, further up the road stands another development spread over 116,305 sq ft, being carried out by Wing Tai Holdings Ltd, which will soon house three condominium blocks of 43 storeys each. This development is projected to be completed in 2011.

“Once the condominiums are built, the houses in the surrounding areas will perish. City Hall seems to be doing what it likes without any regard for its residents. The local plan limits this area to low-density development,” said Fong. Environmental lawyer Derek Fernandez said the situation in Bukit Ceylon is another example of unplanned and unsustainable developments endorsed by City Hall, with little regard for public open spaces and the quality of life. Fong added, “Many residents dare not voice out their objections too loudly for fear of retaliation by the developers and other parties with a stake in these projects.” Objections by residents back in 2002, when the first major development was announced, were summarily rejected by City Hall and a development order was issued soon after.

“The rights of residents count for little, with their objections falling on deaf ears. It is not difficult to reason out why 11 parliamentary seats went to the opposition during the last general election ... the people have had enough,” said Fernandez, who also added his doubts about the ability of the city’s infrastructure to continue taking this kind of abuse.


Zawi said...

Coincidentally I have a 34 year old daughter of the same name that made my click on your name in Hannan's favourite blogsites.
Greed is all I could say of the developer and corruption with the people with authority that allow such rampant rape of such precious forrested hill slope. As long as greed and corruption is not controlled, we will be facing some serious catastrophe in not the too distant future.

Zen Chef said...

Azura.. i twisted my neck looking at the picture. I can't move.. help.. help...

hehe.. okay that was a joke, a lame one, but still a joke. Glad to see you're back posting. :)

Jackie said...

It is a shame that most developers only care about how much money they will make and not the impact it will have on the environment.

A Z R A said...

babe, welcome back!!!

errr cant say much about the construction site thingy, just hope those who are responsible get to work - FAST.


Burung Hantu said...

I'm just confused with your picture.

I think you should get a photo editor and rotate that picture 90 degree to left or right.

And, when you upload to blogger, don't select the original size, choose the middle one. That should do it.

cinta hatiku said...

Assalamualaikum..hai zura..nampaknye dah sihat..alhamdulillah...jaga kesihatan ok?...kite sekeluarga selalu doakan tuk zura..jangan lupa dtg ke kedai kite...