Sweet toothed.

Its raining heavily in Kuala Lumpur just now, and there were heavy thunderstorms too.I had been saying to my mother since yesterday that I crave for her delicious Kueh Lopis . Kueh stands for Malay bite size snacks, Most of the Kuehs has coconut milk , grated coconut and glutionous rice as key ingredients and today by my request my mum made some kueh Lopis which is my favourite ! though we don't have any banana leaves my mum had wrapped the glutinous rice with aluminium foil before she steamed it.

Its really ,really good and being a superb Malay lady, my mum makes cute kueh lopis that melt in my mouth blended with its pandan scented -rich glutinous rice.

Before I knew it, I went to the kitchen and made myself some Jasmine rose tea that I got from Dubai ( I know I can't stop talking about Dubai) that not only looks pretty to my eyes , it taste good as well with subtle rose aroma it refreshes and makes one feels very pure and innocent .While looking at the rain through the glass door, like a proper lady I sat on the dining table having my afternoon tea and thought," I am glad I don't have to be out today, if not I could've been stuck in the bad traffic and dark sky like those people out there".


Liudmila said…
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Oh, my God!!! The Code Word!!! Why you don't change the settings?
Julie said…
Yummmm! These all look good! Just what I need first thing in the morning when I am on a diet..... ;-)

Thanks for the link! I'll put up a link to your page later today.
Anonymous said…
Can you send me some? Pleasaase! :-)
Coconut milk, grated coconut and glutinous rice. How could that be bad? I think I had something similar but cold, they serve it in my favorite Malaysian restaurant in NY. I'm sure it's not nearly as good as your mom's one though!
Anonymous said…
That's very exotic (at least to me) and looks and sounds yummy. Also, haven't ever tasted rose tea either.