Islam , unity , peace and love

I am not a perfect muslim let alone a perfect  daughter/human/colleague/friend.

But I know that my religion forbid and condemn such act of  mass murder and bombing.It upsets me  on how those who claim to embrace it , perceive the religion as to how they want it to be.

I expect  a difficult entry for me to  europe in the future.

I remember of experiences  dealing with kindness of true muslim scholar ,nun and monks.

I remember my ustaz Khalid  my  muqaddam teacher  told me to never bully my brother and  be nice to people regardless of their  skin colour and beliefs.I am glad my muslim family embrace love as the rule as al quran mentioned

I remember  that we are related by species.We can't even harm an insect let alone of what had happened.

Beirut, Syria, France and everyone who  is going through  hard time, who is facing trials, who are victims of such cruelty result from the act of  those who use  islam for their own good.

I  feel hopeless.