The end.

It's December already?!!

I can't believe  this year is about to end.

it marked so many things this year.

By the way my phone went dead on me, my beloved samsung galaxy note  just suddenly decided to just  not wake up.In the mountain of Genting where I was at the time I  had to call my mom and whine to her and weep to my brother complaining on how unhappy situation made me feel

My little brother went to  get me a new phone  and sent to me.gave to me as a present , the same model  so that i know how it works.

I am a very lucky  girl.

I wanted to whine more honestly, but being in an idle mode lately name it emotionally or physicallyI am choosing to keep it to myself for the time being, after all I have nothing nice to say ,So I better shut up


Ill write again one day, but not so soon.

good bye.