My pride and my prejudice.

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”-Joseph Brodsky.

You name any book fair in  my country  or  good bookstores recommendation  in my working area cities..

                           I could answer them In a heartbeat, because i have been to them all.

So I find it interesting  when I was eavesdropping  overheard  recently  a husband who actually put his wife down  in front of his business counterpart while waiting for their flight at Changi Airport.He hates reading and she loves to read and led a boring life.First you don't let your wife down in the public by  telling  the world that  she  got so much time to read while you are working and he  hates the way you proclaiming yourself as a non reader...that's sort of uncool.

But minding my own business....I walked through this lessons  of love by  looking at the    married couples handle their turbulence,some with grace and some with  greed.Some with issue of superiority of gender or , some  have  democratic share of power and some  are just playing bossy  asshole when they are making more money  than the significant other.

Some love till the end and some love temporarily.The purest of love is where  we came from and where we shall return, the rest are borrowed here on earth while our body and soul still unite.
You know   that person  is the one your heart is looking for when  that person makes you want to be a better person, you think of that person all the time,suddenly your world that was filled with grey  turned colorful with vivid  sparkles , fiesta of colors

As rumi had written

 "I was dead , then alive
Weeping then laughing
The power of love came into me
And I became fierce like a lion
Then, tender like the evening star"

"Your tasks is not to seek for love 
But merely  seek and destroy all the barriers  within yourself
That you have built against it"

Hey you, that I  am always imagining  dancing in between Sirius  and Polaris...

I miss you.

By the way, my current read are Professional Cooking book  and peeping through my newly bought Business book.I don't read romantic novels  anymore contrary to popular belief.