Sunday, 15 December 2013

From hot to cold

Happy  Christmas happy new year,

I have been reading loads lately from Paulo Coelho to educational books,  and also had been working loads (nothing new ain't it?)

Food Hotel Indonesia in Bali- Chef's challenge.

Blurry selfie -in vague.

Hard Rock cafe Malacca/Melaka

Nusa Dua
.Since I have been traveling I had more or less abandoned this blog, I never intended to write for money  though, back then this was a channel for me to express my anger and frustrations.

Then here comes the travels...

I wrote this the first time with so much things to say but now they have all  diluted into vapor that later transformed into supernova of colors.

Lately I have been playing  working  around Bali ,Shanghai, Singapore, jakarta , Singapore  among few to mention

and  2 family trips to Malacca, one because we were looking for a poster bed and  i managed to get myself a parking ticket and second time because i wanted to  pay my parking summon which was a nightmare.

Cities of vibrant colors and food. cities of wonderful people.Please enjoy these pictures...

That's how much I love burgers?...and chips?

I was trying to give  an over the top pose, and it worked.

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