My lucid reality.

It has been a while that I write , like really WRITE.
Having your own blog especially  a personal blog that revolves around your routine would automatically revealed yourself,  to the world.I am trying to find that balance  in between my  reality  of being a full time product chef  that requires me to maintain not only my integrity but also my  company's, and my fantasy of being a writer that touches many aspect  of everything under the moon.

At the moment the space I between my dreams  and reality is put  to the  test on daily basis I am thinking of people whom I love dearly, people who left us, people  who put  smiles on my face...I think of our good times  and to be honest , I do not know how to tell this feeling anymore that every time I am  flying, I looked outside each time, all the time... wondering in between cirrus and cumulus   that   they somehow are in peace as much as peaceful  and white as the  cotton candy cloud  makes me feel.
it's been years  that my father left us and  i lost my grandfather this year's march.I wish we have more time together, I wish  we could all eat lush food  and relax on weekend such as today, but I also know  that the mightiest power  loves you more.I succumbed to this fact,obliged to that fate present to me.

This morning I got up in my own bed at home, nothing compares  to that scent of your  own room.Went  for coffee with my mum and end up getting  a rattan shelve that my mother suggested for me to keep all my lotion and potions,  my clients love giving me all this fancy  pricey lotions :) thanks a lot.

I know somewhere out there you too are thinking of me too.happy Eid people, selamat raya haji.