Saturday, 27 July 2013

Keep Calm

I am a worker, not a talker , not a "show off-er ", not a  credit taker.
For all the  tasks given  and unexpected tasks in between  i need sufficient time and instrument, should I not have those, I believe I deserve to stress out...just a lil bit.- A wise girl

I had a discussion with a friend from the same career about time management and how some people are just bad at  being punctual, about some  people just text you saying"hey" at  a wrong time while you are working on serious tasks, and how we chefs take things like efficiency  seriously and sometimes turned moody at times, that one happiness burnt for no definite reason.

That is just because we  take our jobs seriously and we have people not to disappoint, when this occurs everyday, at some point you need to freak out.

By the way work aside, as usual I feel that I haven't manage my time so well...tasks done and tasks  needs to be done are not leveled up  and recently I have not been doing things that I love most, not doing any exercises or going out with my love ones.
I will try to  make time to all the things I love before it's too late.We all still have the space we need to use it wisely not only using it to stress over things that you could not control.

Goodbye yesterday, Hello today and I  will try to adjust my time well.

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