Hoooray for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong never , never fail to impress me,from the then till now my  activities in hong kong always revolves around either work , work , work or eating and shopping with friends.
This time I  was in HK for HOFEX where my beloved company participate, it was indeed a wonderful experience with a big team that are young and mixture of different nationalities

I have not much pictures this time around as i am always busy with work, but i would  love to suggest some new and some regular places that i usually go when i am in Hong Kong

1.Isola at IFC mall -just because they are awesome and the food are too.!highly recommended-the sea bass!
2. Woolo moolo just because  they serves nice steak and the view at the deck is spectacular.
3.Taku at  Elgin Street soho,if you love japanese, this is the place and james the manager would take  wonderful care of each and everyone of his guest.Thanks for taking care of us!
4.Ozone at the ritz carlton, on the 118th floor i would be a self confessed high floor addict!

captured by my colleague  Chris , at times when we went to sought out a weighing scale and yoghurt  at 1 a.m

Good morning Hong Kong!

Had my dinner at my  friend's Isola.