Dolce Vita

I don't know where to start....I really don't.Well basically these few months had thought me a lot about life, trust, friendship and human behaviour. I had spent a long time from home and at some point was in the verge to purchase a washing machine, ha,ha..I know there are laundry services but at time I really want to do it myself all the light t shirts and sweaters.

Travel tip:

For those who are going to Florence just avoid a place called Cafe Maioli it is such a rip off place just after Ponte Vecchio, they swiped my credit card and took my cash, lucky with helpful Italian Police and CIMB Malaysia, this fraud was traced.

This happens may times when I was on a train...the scenario when tourists do not know that their train ticket needs to be verified and stamped  on  the yellow machine at the rain station, this yellow box are usually located  on the wall of train stations and you  must stamp your ticket or be penalised

If you are afraid of heights, don't  go to the peak of the duomo in Milano, it's beautiful up there but also  not suitable for the  height phobia.

it's always fun to be with this girl!

mattina is such a sweet sweet person

my little italian family :)
Fall in love at least once -with a human  being, food, scenery, shoes ...pick one,anything, italy is the best place to fall in love.

I was there for work, so most of my time are spent focused on my traning.By the way,I wish i could upload more pictures but I am in the midst of packing for Indonesia but I promise when the internet connection gets better ater the train ,I will try  to upload more.

xx Az