Tasting Torino

On a pretext of getting some noodles and other ingredients for me since I got a kitchen  at my base now turned into a a 3 hour photo fiesta and I saw some  beautiful shoes that i will try to grab before I leave this town.I failed to find the asian supermarket so my apologies my chef friend Andrea for not being able to make you some thai red curry next week, it wasn't my fault that  you don't have any idea even when this is where you came from :P

Torino is a place where my colleague told me to explore slowly,but the truth is I don't feel like sightseeing much since I want my curry noodles  and I need to wait until Maz take for me next week.So Maz, see you and the girls next week for our new adventure of laksa and tomyam noodles at the eve of Eid.

I was looking at the map b the street and Roberto the mailman stopped and helped me  with directions, and later he saw me again and had a chat.Well, I am in italy #friendlypeople


Anonymous said…
cantiknya Torina di musin panas
Anonymous said…
cantiknya Torino di musin panas