I am here!

It is not true that I dissapeared!Years of myself  as a nomad will be updated as soon I can  phase by phase.

Just before I head back to Italy, I was syncing  my new samsung galaxy note with my blogger and all of a sudden I had accidentally, I repeat...accidentally deleted every photos I have on my blog via picasa!

I do not know how  to get it back but it seems impossible.I have all the photos in my old computer but to load it allover again seems like  pain in the butt!

Anyway.I am sorry to those who had writtten to me over my disapearance.I am here in Italy always busy  hence the less of updating my blog.

Here are some picture  that I might have deleted  and I will find some time to upload it individually into respective blog when i have like 100 days of holiday.

I love you