Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dubai and memories of you... and you!

I think this is my 5th time to Dubai.But also this is the hottest for me.

you know  you are in Dubai when kids are prancing around in designer's gear 

I am here for a mission  and it's ridicilous when you think about  it as I was really sick the night before my departure from my bulk  fresh oysters consumtption at the buffet, he next morning I head to the airport and flew....my job healed me?...maybe :)   I had such a great time with  Il gelato Di Bruno's team at Dubai Mall.They are a bunch of genuine ,loving  people with Gelato affection problem! :)

The team truly love Gelato and I am honoured to be associated with these fun people.I was busy so not much of scenery pictures.

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korin said...

you are the best girl