Ladies on the go.

Not all business travelers are male.Full stop.After few years of doing this and talking to people in the same shoe, constantly travelling for work, I kinda figure out what we want, my male colleague said to me recently that what really matters to him are good shower and a good bed, which makes sense  and fair ,some companies just opt for anything that is cheap not thinking of their execs who have got to face clients fresh faced the next morning , lucky all of the companies that I worked with are the kind of company that cares about their people.We women, on the other hand  apart from good bathroom  with enough space to put out  hairsprays , shampoo and lotions needs the sense of security plus if we don't have  woman and man 's moaning sound from the other room, that would be super awesome.

I remember my friend Jen (not real name) who was sent to India  and was placed at the cheapest almost ...well it is  brothel standard hotel with strange man knocking her door  by mistake at night.This is scary .I have sets of travel mishaps too, but I guess this is part and parcel of  living my life one country at a time.

I don't know about you, but This is my wishlist  as a female business traveler.

1)When we checked into a hotel - they already are aware  of our reservations,throug y experience even some premium club floors staffs needs to be reminded of our stay.
2)Being placed near the elevator ,nowhere secluded, hallways that has serious security cameras that are actually working.
3)BONUS POINT:Luxe toiletries- I stayed at hotels that has Hermes and Bvlgari in their kit.but if they don't i would have mine anyway.
4)Non nosey service staff at breakfast/restaurant-I had some seriously straight up  busy body questions shot at me.-Disgusting.
5)Breakfast with awesome coffee,juice station and  noodle soup.Just because I love noodle soup.
6)Express checkout available
7)Please don't knock on my door every morning  asking me if I want to give you my dirty laundry. If I want  my clothes to be washed, I'll call you
8)How can you call yourself a hotel when you don't even have  ironing  tools in your rooms?
9)Airport lounges- not everyone have  the benefit of flying business or first,I got my lounge sorted with my banking when I don't fly  premium or upgrade , and this is when annual passes for lounges comes handy, this is not a paid advertisement , I don't promote  if it's not handy,but when you're on transit it's nice to be able to not pay for your food no need to change money, work  on the internet quietly,have a decent  refreshing up, watch tv or just simply take a nap.
10)Not sitting to anyone with dandruff problem on the plane
11)Not being seated in the middle of everything and everything.
Crown Metropole Melbourne-awesome
12)In flight entertainment with tonnes of movies and comedy shows.
13)Arrival airport's bathroom that is at least clean
14)Security personnel that is smiling like  those we have in Malaysia, Singapore,Indonesia and other decent countries.
15)Free bottled water, make it large bottles please.I'm thirsty
16)Water pressure, make it high, make your hot water available... we are not living in the 20's
satay on malaysia airlines while watching sitcom reruns-awesome!
17)Friendly hotel name it from getting a cab , front office staffs that don't look as if they are not being paid for months.

 18)Hotel that is close or better still walking distance to where my work venue is.I was once booked at a hotel 2 hours away and was mtime wasted in the traffic.
19)Rooms with temperature control!I don't want to feel like I am living in a walk- in freezer.
The Lebua in Bangkok- awesome!