Bali ,Jakarta... double routine in 30 days

With Kaka Nina the wife of mas Dila whom I was working with  many years ago.

now he runs  this beautiful place called pad 21 in Jakarta

best friends forever

pande's treat

Pande still can't be bothered with what I whined...just like 11 years ago , haha!

Adriaan whom I rushed to meet after my dinner with work.alumni four seasons rawks!

another girl I met when I was cooking 12 years ago and we remain good friends till now!

food hotel bali

the work gang

the old friends

the person i look up to.

I love Jakarta, no doubt it is one of my favorite city and I have tonnes of friends there.Though it's a long visit  only managed to  see a few name it in Jakarta or Bali as my work can be tiring at times and I have tonnes of mails and sleep to do.

It's always nice to see my old friends, people who had worked together with me, knowing me since my KFC supper with them till now,...errr,.Posh supper bought by them.I was in Singapore last week , just after my second Indonesian tour , let me see if I did some picture snapping or not while juggling with my busy schedule there.


Mariuca said…
Hey dearie, where are ur Singapore pics? Wan to see ur hotel oso! :)