Tiada bintang di Budapest

                                 Tiada bintang di Budapest

the beautiful girls in our booth
with colleague .

with my kind colleague while waiting for his beautiful wife to send us medicines for our friend.


Obviously, I wasn't doing much on my Budapest trip because  first, it was work  and secondly,it was really cold! when I was there ,they were even death reported due to the freezing factor.

BUT , thanks to my kind colleagues, they had organised for  me to be driven around the city for few hours before  I departed, million thanks to Marco who had also driven us all around in the evenings,I am blessed to have known such a kind person.

Thanks also for  people at The Malaysian embassy for such kind invitation  and for visiting me at UKBA.so kind of them.

Despite they were no stars in it's sky when I was there,I collected so many  kindness resembling the shining stars and I kept it in my book of the sweetest memories forever.....

Wasabi sushi bar at etterem.

szimpla is simply stunning

Sir Lancelot-what a fun , fun place and awesome food-highly recommended

the only picture I managed to take to prove that I was  actually in Budapest
Beautiful city 


Anonymous said…
everything so nice and beutiful, you are the best
FEDO said…
Nice picture
FEDO said…
Gambar yang bagus...bah... :)