Of When and where

English tea with my matey

When I forced my brother to take me for banana leaf dinner

When my tires were being checked

Vietnam, when I felt that I need that extra sweetness
when I was surrounded by my favorite chefs and chef's equipment supplier
When I saw Dustin Nguyen 
favorite people!
When Nat took us all to this unique place

Signage on a tuk tuk
while ,in Bangkok, wow that's my favorite coffee place back in my own country
When I was at Gianni's and I was  pampered with chocolat
Say quiche!
brother  leading sister

when I was with Sudipta and Gaurav in Bangalore chilling after our exhibition  hectic moments
Guiding light

kitchen mania

Ben Attwater's restaurant in the Hyatt
When I was upgraded
rose in my garden :)

can you see the rainbow?


punq said…
nice picture