Friday, 2 September 2011

All in life is fair

Finally, August is gone the month where I work had, betrayed,being second guessed, plagiarized of my work  and make use of that to win their bosses hearts.Frankly,I would rather sleep the entire month but I am glad that we are kissing September now.

The art of moving on and leaving the past  as  priceless artifacts.

When my new rheumy Dr S said to me while looking at my  chest x ray and health report that "Azura has such a big heart! and her heart is clean!!!" with his  big sincere smile,I wanted to say thanks!but I just smiled because I feel such a relieve to have moved on with my health despite the hiccups of my lungs recently  that is the resulting from my constant  hectic schedule.I am ok now , being on medication and trying to run into the fast track as soon as I can.

What happened to me in August will be buried with a tombstone that says "screw you" I fogrive and never forget  the journalist from Kosmo who had  fabricated  stories of me and potraying me as a stupid person, the girl who had plagiarized me .I live my life honest and clear I don't owe anyone anything and for people who had wronged me I am sure they will be wronged too.

I chose to just be at peace and I am forgiving not for you... I am doing this for me.

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