Succumbed to the state of serenity

 I had lost my beloved aunt  about a month ago, I was in India at the time,She suffered from Liver cancer and we know Liver cancer is a serious illness.
Up until today , I do not  know  what to feel about losing her, of course we all know that everyone of us will die and for a month I have  been lying to myself that it will be ok,
For a  pro in  sadness and grieve I am accepting this with open heart , she is in a better place and left me with this pain in my heart.

She is a good person who  never talks bad about others and loving me  her niece with the story books, soups, laksas and chocolate cakes that we shared will always be in my heart.
I have to accept the  fact  that everyone's getting old and will leave me.
This fact took me to my own state of serenity as a moslem to accept my fate and makes the most of my life.
We all know that is  what those who had left me wants for reach my true potential and be happy.

As I snapped  my finger while sitting on my grandma's swing, I tied up my  pink converse's lace and we drove  back to our house.My dad and my aunt is in a better , much better place right now....

Hi Azura, Welcome to the state of serenity.

Looks can be deceiving these pictures has got nothing to do  with my story.

we all need  this ligh
from our fish pond
In Bangkok at a nice quaint little restaurant  with my dealer Nut who had captured this.
With our old friend Helen who runs a coffee shop , I there since I was 3 when my late father was working in The United States of Serenity


zulkifli said…
Alfatihah to your auntie Suhana (my cousin).
Went for her tahlil Saturday and met almost all the relatives. Except my cousin Bariah, who as granma explained, had a recent operation.
I lost my wife to a cancer related to the liver (bile duct cancer) in January this year.

All the best, Zura.

Uncle Zul
ainie syeema said…
alfatihah to ur auntie. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat yang Maha Esa.