Raw ,Unedited ,uncensored... Bangalore

The guy who at the first place refuse to take me to my hotel in the rain over the long route since he was not allowed to enter Brigade road the shopping area near my hotel, but he did manage to sent me as I offered double and said thanks to him many times.Courtesy and extra cash can seldom go wrong.
One of the reason that makes staying at  Iris  worthwhile, the chef's smile(he is probably reading this) and his FOOD, awesome food name it  breakfast , lunch or burger.vadaa breakfast  is highly recomended by  yours truly.
I am watching you in the rain... on my way back  to my hotel in rainy Bangalore
Chilli oil in ORVED sous vide bags.
Battery operated TATA
Son and mother.
He is not even with Celfrost, our dealership, but he helped and on the third day I learnt that he don't work for them.
Thank you for  helping me throughout the show.
My latest toys
oohhh sexy! the fastest vacuum packer? the right one is my favorite.
Auto, gotta love em
A place I wanted to go but have no space of time to actually sit down and have a proper meal or drink.
Viknatesh  the guy who made me coffee with smile everytime without fail also one of the  reason to go back to  the cafe.
Mother and son selling sweet corn, I end up buying 2 and gave to another drum seller down the street.
Yes, I am againts   peeing in the public too.
Kohinoor down  brigade road that is full of character
Fun people
Garbage truck!
Brigade road
I said so many times that I wanted to go to India, browsing through pictures of my late father  when he once went  to New Delhi with his friend makes me feel like I wanted to be in front of Taj Mahal and  visiting  all the amazing cities  in India.
Then here comes Celfrost inviting  orved to join them at one of the biggest Hospitality show in Southern India.honestly all the visa and the travel arrangement was a bit of a nightmare having to arrive from Bangkok after a week of Som tam , Tom yam and staying at the prestigious Sukhumvit address and prepared to fly again after merely 10 hours.This is among the insanest thing I had ever done but luckily i took a good care of myself , a slight fatigue on my first day in Bangalore but second day i was rolling , shopping and  making friends already.
Despite what I had commented on my facebook about IRIS hotel and how some of my wishes aren't fully fulfilled , I must say Mr Nair, Mirza and the rest of the  cafe team did an excellent job  in making customers happy that I had forgotten about the rest of my unhappiness and how less than convenient to actually log on the  internet and few other incidents.Thank you Iris most of all thank You Mr Nair the GM  for trying his best to make the guest all happy.

Cow outside  the retail shops
Things that I managed to do is get like many kurti for me to wear during this tropical sticky weather, they are bloody colourful , went to sky bar  which is a gorgeous place but we didn't carry our cameras with us -mind you you can't dance there, you can pretend dance but no real dancing  it's illegal, nevertheless it's a gorgeous place.

May I have this building for my restoration project please?

Commercial ctreet
A chapel near Garuda Mall, that's where you should go , GARUDA MALL
Traffic to the Airport
Bengaluru Airport
The coffee shop that only accepts AMEX which I think is silly because none of us  use AMEX except for my friend Keith
I love the sky.

India is what I expected it to be,I only drink bottled water I love it's people , I feel the pain of the poverty,I love the colourful fabrics,I adore my business associates and  I love TATA nano.

it's a beautiful India indeed and I only had seen Bangalore!



Azura u have just 0.1% of wat India is..... There are many many gr8 things that u wud feel completely awestruck...
i cant wait for another visit!:)