Dr Jekyll, Miss Hyde and Doctor Angels

Dear Arrogant doctor,

Remember  when you  arrogantly told me that you're a specialist , a neurologist ?

Do you remember how I bash you back and told you off, I want you to remember what I had said and never ever treated anyone who never been to Med school like that ever again.You had given your private hospital the smelliest of name.So screw that.

It was not trigerminal neuralgia and all the tegretol that my mother was not tolerating at the time is the first investigation info that you could actually USE.
When the problem is in the jaw have you ever thought about investigating the area before  making assumptions that it is  Trigerminal neuralgia?

My mother was wrongly diagnosed for 6 years and she had lost those years, who are we to blame?
I would understand if they make a proper investigation with the money that I had paid them so that they can pay their Merc and Porsche.

Thanks to Dr Ng who is one experienced  surgeon ,  a specialist with an extremely  good  track record and yet humble  and kind. A true doctor and I would suggest anyone with oral issue to visit him.

It happened that he removed some particles from my mum mother's  jaw and she is pain free now...just in 45 minutes he changed my mother's life.

We had seen 4 specialists prior to this most of them have a nice personality and one of them is so arrogant.I can forget and forgive for she had risked my mum's life and yet  spoken in such a rude manner , I would suggest her to go and get her head sorted I do not to cause her trouble by reporting her to the board because I know her background,It 's ok to be poor in the pocket, but to have a poor  personality,I truly feel sorry for her.

Dear Fantastic Doctors,

Thanks to Dr Ng and his team at Section 25 PJ great nurses, great clinic and complete with hi tech equipment and also our dentist Dr Lou in Jalan Bukit Bintang  , he will be moving to PJ soon  but with these people who had treated my mum... I will always be praying for your happiness,health and wealth.Thank you for working  with sincerety.