Bangkok chapter 555

The booth in progress 
This story happened 6 days and 20 hours before I departed for Bangalore India...

I am a Chef that travels for living.I love my job and I think it is the best job in the world.I love my bosses, my immediate boss who is probably reading this occasionally and I love my colleague especially those who assist me constantly with endless support.At Orved, we are bullish on venturing into new market and we love what we do , we conserve food and we cook food  sous vide, I do not need to advertise  what sous vide is, so check out yourself by googling it.

This trip to Bangkok marked our first ever exhibition in Thailand and we are looking forward to  a great venture with our newly appointed dealership Gibthai that is kind enough to have supplied us with drinking bottled water and  cute likkle pen.

I don't get to take much pictures because I was always working  giving speeches and reading and replying mails.i managed to  sneak a coffee with Nancy and was nice seeing these faces that soothes my heart.I hope we will always be like this, living in each other's heart and when we see each other , we could have great coffee again! 

manna at SIAm Paragon
The red t shirt ers 

Bangkok is Bangkok and honestly it is a great city to hang out over the weekend but when you are there for work, it is just another city filled with traffic and confusion for me... good confusion that is...

My  view opposite my friend's hotel
I 'll be back soon Bangkok since I ain't got much time to do shopping the other day.

probably the  biggest cocktail do  I have ever been
My boudoir at The Marriot Courtyard, fantastic hotel