Pride and joy and service like no other.

I would like to congratulate Malaysia Airlines from the bottom of my heart for being such an excellent provider of service.Either I fly on business, first or even economy...First class hospitality ...always, without fail.Throughout my life I had travelled with at least 15 airlines, nothing could beat my home airline's not only good people but good fleet as well!

Congratulations on  A330 -300 i honestly can't wait to fly on this fleet!
For instance,  at the business lounge, The food is always excellent  especially the chicken rice, and I am always looking forward to  fly with it again.

Don't you just love satay!

And  cod before you arrive and head straight to parties! ...or work!

Thank you for  always smiling and making my trip less tiring than it should be  and thank you for being a so good to me  when I was paralyzed , when  the  crew  bought me loads of  chocolate milk during those years when I flew to KL -Manchester so often 7 years ago.

Kindness, integrity  and no doubt the best airline in the world.Malaysia Airlines ,I love you.