Top 6 Movies

I write better in Arial compared to Times .After my failed attempt to  beauty product review , which I am terrible at apart from loving everything pastel and smells nice.

Please find below another list of Sayangku Azura's favorite movies.
Top 6 list , why 6? because it's a good number.

Calmi Cuori Appasionatti
Let's admit it we love handsome boys in this case he is a very good actor ."Calmi Cuori Appasionatti"  or literally translated as "between calm and passion "was  mostly shot with  Florence as background , the rustic houses, beautiful landscape,the duomo, The beautiful Kelly Chen.I am a girl and after all movies and movie stars are meant to be fantasized about.I want to one day meet Yutaka Takenouchi and thank him for being Junsei Agata in  this movie ,I am in love with Italy as well and he and kelly depicted the emotion of being in relaxed , laid back scenic background of Florence so beautifully well.

Favourite scene is when they are both at the peak of the Duomo and the cinematographer decided to use helicopter encircling the dome of the Cathedral .
Thanks to a "former friend" who had borrowed this and not returned it back.You thief!

The Lover

There are some nude scenes in here!that was my first comment ,but for a lover of a period movie I find this  love story was beautifully done  by the french Director Jean -Jacques Annaud
the prop used were  realistic and the poverty of the girl's family was surreal if you really think that  they were living "oh so lavishly"  at the time in the Indochina region.I won't give anyone a spoiler in this review, you should go and get this DVD , I did and it is in England, I left it there with everything else I owned, because materials are just materials at the end it's all the sincerityy in your heart that matters, just like this movie that I finally learnt that is wasn't all money, nice meals and being taken to nice places that she wanted from him.
Tony Leung Ka Fai  who is  a  very good looking man , better looking in person  compared to on screen and Jane march played the role really well,I cried hard  when she left , I smile when he first saw her on the Mekong River and I feel slightly disgusted by the forbidden love not  the racial differences, but the seriously  wrong age GAP.

I was mesmerized by the Mekong River  if you ever in Saigon , GO to The top floor of The Majestic hotel  and chill out   while letting the river  just flow  with the hustle bustle of the motorcyclee traffic.I will be there again soon for my own personal holiday , just Pho Bo ,myself and  hanging out by the Mekong.

The World of Suzie Wong
I read it first in Manila in 2000 at my friend's beautiful penthouse in Mandaluyong and I was dying to watch it's movie.So I came back to KL and head to Low Yat to actually purchased  this at Speedy Video.Sadly the DVD is now in England,  that's a  fact  -that most of my good DVD's are borrowed or taken from me. William Holden is a good man in this movie in the book he was working here in Malaya and later moved to Hong Kong , he loves  to paint and looking at doing it full time end up in this  budget motel as we call it nowadays  and there is like  a "hookering up joint" downstairs a.k.a the bar,so he falls in love with this  beautiful prostitute making  us women feel that cute face and hot body is all we need ,there are many good men out there who  would have a serious relationship with prostitutes they are also human, Anyway,not  telling you much on the storyline , I just adore the background and it is really odd why I am liking this, maybe because i like the name Robert Lomax?whatever it is , the  duk ling and the old hong Kong makes this movie worthwhile to watch.

Enthiran -The ROBOT I truly adore rajnikanth from a humble beginning as a bus conductor to one of the highest paid actor in India .I adore you and respect you Rajnikant a.k.a Superstar!
Enthiran is  said to be the most expensive movie in India, correct me If I state it wrong.
This is what would happen once we all become obsessed with inventing technology to the extent of playing god. this movie revolves around A Robotic professor Dr vaseegaran  who actually invented an android robot called Chatti babu fondly  named by  Doctor's mother.
Let's see how Chatti Babu who is later given an emotion  by the Professor falls in love with the Dr vaseegaran's fiance' played by the beautiful Aiswarya rai.

In the mood for Love

Tony Leung, Wong Kar Wai and  Maggie Cheung epitomised the era's elegance in  this movie  that I  found rather confusing at first but learnt to accept and understand it as I  watched it over and over again,  I only seen this 5 times, so I am pretty smart eh.

The English Patient

I just love the scene when they were kissing in the well  hanging to  the rope , there is something romantic about  it.
We all know this movie , and we all know why we love it Ralph Fiennes " he is so fine", this won 9 oscars.

I am getting sleepy by now, goodnight.Long week ahead awaits me.


waliz said…
hmm i didnt manage to watch none of it but given me a choice i would love to watch enthiran the robot simply because rajnikant is hillarious and aishwarya is amazingly beautiful!
Jaya J said…
yo Zura. didnt know u managed some blogs too. how are you babe ??