First attempt to beauty product review.

I cannot say that last week  was the best week of my life,In fact it was not so good.But yet i have learnt that I am resillient to so many things .Motivational books I read and my skill in making decisions during chronic hours is something I should be proud of.I shooud  need to tame this blog from a wild one to a calm one, because issues and people that are not even worth to be called worthless worms are not worth to talk about ... unworthy these.Anyway, here's my picked of essential potions, I had never done any cosmetic review  so  my first shot you can see below.
I will be leaving on a jet plane again soon and as usual when it comes to travelling there are many things I need to sort out like dry cleaning , getting cosmetics, lotions and potions done.
This are among my fav thing to take on my travel pouch  at the moment.

My favorite lip balm just because it is  sweet scented , it is not available in Malaysia  the  last time I got it is when I was in Seoul.

And then here come Elizabeth Arden  mosturiser  /skin protectant called 8 hour cream i totally swear by this  One for all potion that you can use for  dry elbows, the oftenly dried up lips while you are  in the flight cabin and it smells nice .every girl need this for lips, dry spots , cuticles  even when my hair is out of control I would just  dab some of these.

Sexy mother  pucker from soap and glory
I have been using this  since it was first launched in England and I truly feel that this shade is  the best for me.mosturise and make your lips plumper" now you see why i am always pouting.

Glitter, every girl need some glitter in her life and  this one too is my favorite , favorite item.this of course, need to be checked in.

I  don't use  any powder but honestly, we all need to check on the mirror and when you arrive  at a destination after  hours of flying  or  driving  you need this to check on your eyes.Thats it.But since my beloved friend works at MAC i often go and buy stuff from him and he gave me very good advices, I love this brand for it's reasonable price and colours.

I love the miracle  essence but the thing is I hardly stick to a regime, I do wear this on and off but I must say this is  a very good product  and I try  and will try to use it more often like daily ...twice daily.

 for skin thirst during winter...try this before going to bed ,before going out
actually,I just love to  tickle my face with  the spray

nothing like an individually wrapped chocolate throughout your journey when you are bored  and can't be bothered to watch any movie nor play any  video games,it provides sugar , releases all the good hormones so won't get grumpy

why am I getting into food here?

Oh... it's supper time

goodnight people!

Do you reallly think I am capable of giving  a beauty product  review?
Yeh... not really for me