Monday, 27 December 2010


This is dedicated to women who   had suffered from domestic abuse, i had never been abused like physically but after reading the news on how someone that you love could betray your trust like such...I am disgusted that some male took love so pure for granted.
For women out there who suffers in silence ...get out of it. 15999 is the number to call, talian Nur is  a hotline from The women's ministry and is dedicated for us.There is always help out deserve the best and not this.

Ugly is how you make me feel

Ugly it can’t be concealed

When you stabbed me with your sword made of your sharp words,

Ugly eternally is the only image of me.

Love is the word you said

Love is the lie your preach

What does love did to me

Hurt , pain, deceived and agony

You destroyed me into pieces

You cut me merciless

I won’t die of this pain

But forever cradled by sorrow and vain

Azura Othman
Boxing Day 2010

Copyrighted  2010


Loren said...

Ugly is the image of the person who caused the pain and "ugly" people hurt beautiful people.

As I look at my daughter I constantly remember being on both sides of ugly and beautiful. It never had to happen and I wish I could go back and I forgive those that hurt me. I have been blessed to witness pure beauty in my daughter and realized how lucky I that I unhide my heart to another.

I am positive your openess and passion will be valued by another. It takes time but it will happen. Look for the heart and not for the words…cowards hide behind them.

Much love from me and my entire family.

Michelle said...

When I say that this is great I mean, great writing and expressing your pain. It's a great poem hun.
I'm glad that you wrote it and got it out, I hope that you are in the healing phase.
I'm sending positive energy your way, across the oceans.
love you