Extract of 2011.

Bangkok at one of the most beautiful  hotel!i love this place :)

Tugu monas Jakarta on my way to a meeting

Shanghai from  The Park Hyatt

I love that house you know which one.it makes me smile  on every en route to my drycleaner

Dinner before a gala event ...YES eat before going to an eating event!, somewhere...i forgot

Where I spent most of my time lately, business lounge at the airport allover  Asia,in this one in Kuala Lumpur, they kinda know my name and my  favorite drink.

I remember the feeling at this time when my flight was delayed and having a conversation with one coughing gentleman at the  business lounge,thanks for giving me the cough.

Seoul with my new leather jacket

Seoul, City Hall

My brother and I are among the last  bunch of people to be eating there last before Societe  shut for good earlier this year.I remember growing up with this cafe had my first date there.Its all for the best

View from The New Asia Bar in Singapore

they gave me marzipan flower and I gave them ... friendship :) at Food hotel Asia Singapore

Lunch with my friend at the tower

what I enjoy most about being  with Orved is I justify what to cook at my demos and I have all the fun  during my talk time as I love to talk...can't you tell?

Seoul... again and again 4 visits in a year ? :) lucky me

My new baby eos 550D

My second interview in a year for  BFM

My room at The posh  Crown  where every morning I can see  this hot air balloon from my room :)

Melbourne is no doubt my fav place on earth

From my room at The Ritz Carlton in Seoul
while brushing my teeth-we women multitasking  good :)

My first time on a tramp  :)

With a fellow female chef from New York during the Italian Chef's summit in Hong Kong

The  sunrise in Taichung,Taiwan  from my room

Being invited to be a speaker at Taylor's Uni in this picture are all the speakers and the host is in green and all black :) Thank you

The huge campus of  Taylor's University
The year of Azura.

2010 is a year of trials, struggles and winning the tests.

I feel like I had been bruised and recovered by 2010, a tiring year and yet a year that teaches me about

Love and fear for god

The people you should love are your parents, siblings,yourself and then come extended family .

Be there when your parents are ill, be there for your siblings after all blood is thicker than water and “we are family”.

The friends might betray you , copy the way you dress or your hairstyle so select your friends and keep those that are sweet and love you close to your heart.

Boyfriends don’t last forever so when it’s over don’t waste your tears, walk straight , chin up and if you think it’s too melancholic shut your eyes but don’t cry…he is not worth it and you are a beautiful person that worth more than a piece of dirt like him.


Love your work, your vocation should be your work or your love should be your work.I only after many years of living learnt that I love being a chef, I can’t believe that I have such a great job people see my dishes while smiling and wanting to explore the taste and surprise their palates.

Work politics should be tackled with grace and usually if you are the backstabbing drama queen who looks angelic in front of your boss and the vampire within your colleague and always scheming …I would suggest this kind of person to be ignored 100% god will punish them, if not she or he will be punished by their own stupidity.

Work and pleasure

Sometimes it makes me feel nauseous that people are trying to suck up bad to the extent of sending official emails with kisses I think that’s pathetic.

Getting drunk at your company’s expenses is too much,With the trust given we should enjoy it with care not tweak the last flower off till there are none.

Falling in love with someone at work is fine as long as one of you leave, for integrity and for the additional drama that you will cause.That is why I never do work romance and I don’t think I can do that in these near future.


Every women should learn and try to at least cook a decent meal

Women who cook and wash aren’t low class, they are just pure feminine to my eyes.

I think my weakness are splurging on food which I should not, really.

Positive mind

Is something I embraced this few years, few years ago my life was a rollercoaster ride and the turmoil was too much for me to bear.I realized that it is easier to be positive when you have financial stability

And to have a financial stability you have to have a positive mind.Unfortunately or fortunately these two element works together.There were times when I thought it was the end of the road then I realized that it is not … why? Because I had a positive faith and my intention is good.I try hard not to nag and complain and I think it’s been years that I stop whining seriously it is killing you own energy and those of people around you, it can be a struggle living in negativity.

We are all punchbags

You are stronger than you think you are, so many times we were brought down, being told that we are short fat ,ugly,talkative, this and that even worst there are times when you ‘ve been betrayed by love of people that you trust and you wish you die at that very moment of time, But you don’t die of what people did to you chocolate will save you, eat them and go for a quick run or dance to Jason Derulo

We are indeed... very strong and resilient.