I will be out and about tomorrow for the eve of  2011.So let me just wish you in advance  HAPPY NEW YEAR may our 2011 be better than 2010.Wonder what will you be doing  tomorrow night
I had tried loading more pictures  from my recent weekend BUT it failed and  :((( only this one managed to be loaded
If the traffic permit I will be at my friend's  exquisite villa surrounded by big trees, hanging monkeys by the trees  and  lush moroccan inspired interior having dinner and watching the fireworks from TV

I think I am doing pretty  alright this year,I know at times work took over my parties and crazy afternoon teas/brunches , I think everyone understand that being a Corporate Chef at Orved and taking care of many expect of the Culinary and Operation,  I got the chance to move about the entire Asia and make whole load of friends while at it, name it friends in Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok , Manila,Jakarta and Hong Kong I think they are all as awesome as my friends  down here in Kuala Lumpur.

 I am back in Kuala Lumpur after few days of being out and I had cancelled my trip to London after purchasing the ticket  due to the weather that I don't really want to be in.This holiday is definitely dedicated to learning new language, reading the books that I had bought and yet  finished to read and get an optimum sleep.But we never know I might be taking  a flight to an island anywhere just chilling but for now I need to settle on few papers and phonecalls that I occassionally got involving work.(For  business associates  , you know I live to work therefore it's ok If you want to email me, it's not a complain at all I love my job) also had the chance to do a bit of food photography  and my food will be featured in one of the respected design magazine in  South East Asia.It was a pleasure to have worked with among the most creative people who thinks and transformed my imagination  into physical visual  feast.I will let you guys know where to get this  magazine in late January.

I wish I could write down a recap of all the golden moments I had this year , but there are just too much !All the work , parties, flying in and out, poshest of food and drinks.Thank You , thank You , Thank You 2010.

It is my year and I am blessed to have found, tasted, experienced all these joy.I have the best Mother, Brother,Employer, Friends and business associates.I love all of you guys.

‎2010 I had broken some rules, forgiven some people quickly, kissed slowly, love truly, laughed uncontrollably and I never regret anything that had made me smile , now what's left is just the chicken dance to celebrate! trials =triumph ♥