In Tapas we trust

I am a bloody fussy eater, and I seldom give any food recommendations, therefore mine is never bias and i never get paid for any review made.

all of you are amazing!
only two pictures for now because the blogger computer server said no to the rest of the gorgeous pictures... so, screw you  computer server!

This place belongs to a friend in Hong kong and don't judge a book by it's cover , usually when you grab a quick bite at your local supermarket, it is always ugly.the other day I had a butter bread a soft bun filled with ridicilous amount of butter cream at Supermarket X , so this experience being taken to A Tapas bar in a posh supermarket, is something I found a bit..hmmm how should I say scary? no!! I trust this guy , as a veteran in the industry himself will serve us magical food.
But my past experience(you know, just like my relationship with the opposite gender)I am always in doubt and fear to be in such a circle of commitment, and this time my commitment to sit on a red bar stool for hours with the presence of my big bosses without saying... "I hate this place"!.

Greg the friend proved me wrong, I enjoy the entire experience, food, companion and the moment of just being THERE.

I would like to say Thanks to Greg and his partner for awesome food.My favorite has got to be the Seafood Soup, Gazpacho , The skewered chicken that is so, so delicious, the meatballs (made of wagyu?) andtortilla espanola.People  of all walks of life pop by  this  place where your server  are more than happy to  suggest you food , where ladies , boys, families and  those cute loving couples pop by to share bites, talk and giggle, even with people on the next seat.

if you are ever in Hong Kong, pop by the place with bright red bar stools you won't miss it at the entrance of Great Food Hall at The Pacific Place.Estudio Iberico is where you should be.


Netster said…
Why you can't take photos? they don't know that you are a super women? hahahahhaaha

Sounds delicious to me :) anyway about your relationship quote... guys so hard to like you? with your mouth watering food I bet every one is lining up...

I want spaghetti!