The scandalous... Vacuum Affair

chef Mak  Thong ,my mentor .The first guy who  hired me as a commis.

It's been a while, yep someone have been  very busy with work.I feel very honoured to be sponsored  by Equatorial Hotel my home grown powerful brand  name for luxury hotel chains.I would like to once again express my gratitude for supporting my dream to go global , A Malaysian chef and a dreamer.We are in sync to go global and I am glad to be associated with Orved and Equatorial two powerful brands that  have so much faith in me.

I am looking forward for more  cooking event  that's to come .I will be all over Asia  within weeks and  won't be  at home for 3 weeks , I have to go and sort many things out before I go.I also made few purchases such as a new boots  that I recently had splurged on,good splurge  that is.
Thank you everyone who have supported me all  these while.

Life is good and you are awesome.