Thursday, 21 October 2010


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Michelle said...

Look at you!!! I am so proud of you Az!!!! I hope that one day I will be able to meet you and taste some of your fabulous food!
love, hugs, peace and health
Michelle xoxo

waliz said...

me too! i'm glad i'm connected to u through ths blog.atleast i can tell to my friends, hey i knw this girl! shes my blogging fren! proud of u azura! mwahhs!

waliz said...

az..nak mengadu neck still in pain.visit doctor thy jst prescribe me wth ponston.can u tell me wht actually yr mom sakit tu? maybe same as mine and how is she now? hope the pain gone..:(

chokeLy said...

im so proud of you.

im SLE patient too.
officially diagnose last june
so depress.. but when i read your blog..i know that i must be more stronger rite.

really admirer you. ^^
u aspire me.
can i be ur frenz?
plez come to visit.

Netster said...

Chef, I am so hungry :)

Cheers Chef!