Smitten by Melbourne

my friend Jeff who flew in  for me , nobu and the show
waking up everyday to this? I am blessed
John who popped by to give me  many things from his olive growth, the pickled cherry was beautiful and I finished it in my room.
at work cocktail do , where everyone was happy :)
chicken sous vide -you get the softest texture- my guarantee
When I was in Melbourne.....

This is the city I have longed to be, Since I was 17 the picture of restaurants and the hype of Melbourne was always in my fantasy...fantasize no more, here I come Melbourne for once in my life I feel like I am in sync with the place, I was sent to carry on orved’s mission to promote sous vide in Australia.orved’s dealer in Australia Mr Alan is a very kind man and also a fellow foodie who enjoy splendid things in life.

Few of my old friends flew in just for me and Jeff who is one of my supporter and my best friend came by to check out the show but ended up impressed with sashimi at Nobu! Yes, we all had a great time at nobu We are still talking about it ,Melbourne really questions my ability as a chef .Simplicity of the dishes the cleanliness of the taste on my palate is something I cannot describe with words

I will post more pictures of Melbourne food scene and an award winning press club... in the next post.The barramundi , lamb and rose dessert that would melt your heart so, hang in there for next post , to be precise tomorrow evening Malaysia time.


waliz said…
bazura!! u definitly look gorgeous in the black top and i can see how happy u r in trip pls3 bring me along!