Selamat Hari Raya!

My  ramadhan  have been great so far , oh who am I  kidding here,there is one hiccups of ramadhan this year... my mum  was hospitalised recently and  it was not pleasant ,  everyday I was at the hospital on a very uncomfortable single sofabed that  I had to pay etxra for   opening them into a bed ,I thought  of what  the future holds.But now that i am on the tomorrow that i was worrying about today I guess I am ok.As usual I am like a drama magnet,   i was not happy at all about the  private hospital that treated my mum  nevertheless , I would like to say thanks to Dr Kumar , Dr Yazid and Datuk Dr Ryan who are the good  doctors for the rest sorry lah... I feel that no matter how straight up bitchy , bossy  a person is, if you are a doctor a respectable , noble career, you should leave  such mentality at home and be proffessional at what you do ,  I mean straight up - how can you claim yourself to be a good  doctor a specialist   if you can even diagnose my mum  right and yet did hundres of test , I honestly  felt  like I  was being kidnapped   and justneed to  pay my ransom at the time!Mom is back  on track with her health now! my mum rocks , she is a strong woman  raising me and brother on her own and she derserves all the happiness in this world.

view from the ward

Anyway,Doctor KK Ho my rheumy once again prove that He is a genius  , how can this country live without a doctor like him a goood person who is respected and looked up to.I love you Dr KK and I will always pray for your happiness  and health  with your family.

My ramadhan is filled with break fast  buffer non stop , I eat good food everynight and I didn't go to the gym for   quite some times I guess you could imagine how I feel... guilt to the max!but yer I do  workout at home with my pilates video,For those who expect me to be   really chubby after  ramadhan , sorry to dissapoint you
buffet is awesome!

Apart from that , it's all great ...On my birthday  Marion 's team from Paris came down to KL and we all went for steamboat, it was great ! this was on top of the party held 2 weeks ago (yes I had my party earlier to respect this holy month)I heard many tings happened after the party and I am glad  :)I would also like to say thanks  to those who had sent me presents and  cards, That's very kind of you guys and let's go for dinner once I am back from down under
Friends through good and bad times
Not many pictures to put down here lately I am, not too happy with the performance of my Olympus compact camera lately , it's been playing up  for a while someone must have dropped them or something.I might as well get a new  Canon  DSLR which I surveyed and fancy , so look out world for my new toy.

On the business front , my new fashion line  will come up , I delayed the launching because I had been very  busy , when i am cheffing I gave 100% and not worry about  anything, somehow i take my job  seriously , it is my soul and my creations using sous vide  is always challenging ,I am always racing trying new things in my head.

wearing my  own designed top... :)

I am writing this while making my preparation to fly soon to Australia, a place I have always wanted to be.I am off to change some money now and if i don't speak to you soon , this is my religion to ask for forgiveness and being forgiven on  the Eid day, the cleansing of  heart and soul, for the lovers people who adores me  when I am good or bad,I love you too .

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin