Eat , Pray, version

My mum having her frangipani tart
Chicken chop
Kuala Lumpur can be a great place to live, despite the influx of too many non Malaysian in the city , we all manage to live our live in harmony.I am living my life in my own little bubble, Doing my own things and running my my life one sous vide bag at a time.These are the pictures of what's going on with my life lately but most of all they just pictures of food! Again!

Messy Lasagne at Bangsar Village
I this this was at midvalley's Rasa timur...maybe that's the nameof that cafe
Noodle soup with wanton since I retired from eating  Curry laksa as Madam kwan  said, it's too hot for me.
From customer to friends i love this place-try their paratha wrap
Yes! that is a computer , wifi equipped taxi in Malaysia.Malaysia boleh!
Thanks mum for making me this  crochet blanket!

Beautiful moss while I am walking a walk called  my "vision walk"
New menu at KFC Wisma KFC, formerly known as Wisma Idris, I used to go to their Bakery division called Baker's cottage with mum  when i was a teen and with Kim for coffee ... where are you now Kim?
Sauce fiesta at our steamboat place
I can hear the bird calling my name from her azura..raaa raa....

With my beloved, lagendary Madam Kwan

ok , ok why not...another curry laksa
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my brither's gigantic  ais kacang

I love my bank , I walked all the way to get some cash , they were actually doing a fire dril training and i had to walk to another branch because I was not allowed to  go into their ATM section. :(
this was our  final choice but we love  it! ayam penyek by an Indonesian chain  at Sunway
Pho bo reminds me of my time in Ho Chi Minh...not all great but it is a sentimental one
my future chandelier
Love and kissing are only toys
Pasta with tonnes of seafood, I remember going to Lele's place in Venice where the fresh clams and mussels are thrown into the pasta.
After gym I head for KLCC  for my favourite Laksa Johor at la cucur
Salmon and chips at Manhattan Fish market which is actually a Malaysian chained restaurant.
Batik coffee is my invention