Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Chef Azura forever

OK, OK I am here now.I love you guys for sending me  love mails  of why I stopped writing!I never thought anyone would read ! ha, ha....
From now on I will regularly update this space here and  fill it with pictures that I kinda like.

People I love, people I have always been thinking of and what my life been up to .These pictures are to show you how much I miss you
England, US, Australia, Bahrain ,Saudi , Dubai and Milan.
I hope we can see each other soon .

At Bahrain's Gulf Hotel's fusion for a candlelight dinner which was awesome
(great company and great old friend who used to cooked there)

Sitting on my beloved friends lap.Claire  will be a mummy again!
and I am happy :)

What would I do without  a good friend like you Suzy! xxx

Cinny , my bagel companion every Yorkshire mornings.

Breakfast with you at wafi city  Dubai  was the best breakfast I will never forget.

At  Bahrain's F1

My first time in Dubai

Alisa in London became  a mum recently, and I think her baby and her look so alike and so lovely.Hope Nottinghill is treating you well.xx

I will never forget chu chi tunnel in Vietnam and I will never forget you.

Elvissa, Spain.The ceramic works are just purely devine.

We said we will see each other again riding your vespa in Mersailles,
work commitment etc,we gonna see each other in my part soon!

Being the pioneer, I  think I had done my duty to open doors for more Asian chefs.
If you are original, proffessional and  hardworking.Nothing is impossible

Not ashamed of my apprentice years ...I am no self taught,wake up-and became a sous chef  kind of chef.I went to cooking school
and later became a commis for many years-I think  Four seasons  trained me to be resillient and opened many opportunities  for  me
and I would like to thank all of my friends, starred chefs who had  trained me, Chef Mak Thong , Chef Herve and Simone.

His Royal Highness Tunku Naquiyuddin is a Prince with The biggest heart,
He jokes  and speaks to people with respect.A good man, always.

These are serious foodie who knows A LOT, and I like them.

My article,as much as I love to write, being a spoke chef for Orved  requires  my time
and being a "perfectionista"
 I would rather give 100% to brand I endorsed instead of chasing deadlines.Sorry to some editors and Tv poducers that I can't commit to,maybe in the future?

I love Freida Liu,When she interviewed me, her charisma and charm just
sparkled .

Hong Kong's kitchen

On my way to the airport in Hong Kong that I was called to do something with my cause.I will launch something  out of this cause soon... so can't tell you yet.But I will .

The cinderella's castle, just imagine waking up to this everyday!
Chef Princess? You bet! :)

Not wearing any make up when my Chef friends  came and picked me up for a  meal.

Milan have open so many doors for me as a chef being featured in such a huge symposium for a prestigious brand
is such an honour for me, experience I will never forget my entire life, not for the posh food  and the luxury travels orved have given me  but the  chance to prove that Malaysia Boleh!

One of my visits to Bangkok.

The Original Chef Azura strive, cook, love and laugh .

To be continued.....

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you are the best sayangku azura