This is insane , when I was in Seoul at the airport I just realized that I have been working for 5 weeks non stop.I enjoyed it but at the end of my trip I felt rather tired and slept through the journey Korean air, as usual treated me well.The briyani served to me was really good just like Azlan of Insaf’s briyani.

My busy ness’ is not the reason that I disappeared for a bit, I love writing, despite few bloggers who starts writing about the same time as me circa 2007 has stop writing ,I am here to stay.

What are friends for

I love my friends and some of them are going through the harshest time at this moment.I just want them to know that these are all temporary and I am always praying for their happiness no matter where they are. Be strong and hang in there, chin up and walk straight.

I was looking forward to join a cooking class In Seoul but my time was limited and I had changed my flight to an earlier one so that I can have Sunday to myself ,and that Sunday i end up finishing my report for work and sending notes.I can’t believe how I’m much in love with my job.

Only half day in Seoul after my meeting I got the chance to stroll around the itaewon area and before I knew it , I spent loads of money already on handbags , a dress (as an addition to my recent Max Azria splurge on ball gown that I don’t even get to wear yet , it’s one of those impulse buying).I bought the complete harajuku girls perfume at the airport , spent tonnes on pastries.

I am living my life in the posh zone ... now it’s time to face my credit card bill ... ha, ha.

I am off to catch up with my good friend Darsin , who came back and off to another destination real soon.Congratulations with this opportunity given to you my friend, it is a prove that you are a world class Chef and I am proud of you.

Happy birthday to these boys....

Chef Nik and Rick (can’t wait for your bash !)