Friday, 11 June 2010

Things I would tell my children (or future boyfriend)

Love is best eaten when it's hot.

 Hugs are best received when you feel cold

 Heart are better kept in your chest ,not sleeve

 Bad words (especially about others) are better kept in your heart and not puked through your mouth.

 Kisses are best given and received when your eyes are tightly shut.

 Chocolate tastes better when you're in love

 Chocolate tastes bittter when you're heartbroken

   heart beat faster when you meet someone new

  ...and a painful stabbing pain called sorrow will appear when it's time to say goodbye.

Keep people who matters most in you mind at all time

Those who brings you pain should be in your experience bin
(experience bin is a system told by a friend , a wise,wise man Joe.xx)
Try to help those in need, because you never know when it's your turn

Never do things for others and expect a returned favour, you might as well run your service as a commercial business.

Even when you are drowning, always keep your head up.(As was told by my late father another smart guy)

Miracles always happen only to those who believe in it

When you have a problem, always think as if you are mario of mario bros, you just need to finish all the challenges step by step and then you can win.magic mushrooms in the game should not be applied in real life though , no matter what,stay away from magic mushrooms.

 Live life to the fullest , you never know when it will end.

What is ambition when you are sceptical and passive about reaching it.

What is success without contribution?

What is one time achievement without continous result?

 What is life without love?

 What is my life without you?

 And always remember... love means we will never be apart therefore, I will always love you no matter what.

Azura Othman

April 30 ,2010


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